Monday, January 14, 2008

a slightly unbeatable game

The game over screen, a sight you will certainly see a lot of if you play this game.

I made this game in my second year in college and have yet to beat it. It consists of 3 levels with a boss at the end of each level. Where it lacks in length it makes up in absurd difficulty. Even on the easiest setting its no walk in the park.

In order to play 2 player mode you will need to use a game pad, any will do. I suggest you use one no matter what, the keyboard controls suck and can not be changed. I haven't worked on this game in a long time, so I have no plans on going back and changing the controls. Just looking at the code for it makes me want to puke (I practiced bad programming techniques at the time and didn't comment anything).

The keyboard controls, if you want to torture yourself with them, are "w,s,a,d" for movement, spacebar to accept the menu options, "+,-,del" on the numpad to fire the different weapons. The escape key pressed at anytime will exit the program.

The game itself was programmed in C and used the SDL API, I don't use Direct X since it isn't free to use and is not cross platform. I didn't any of those pansy game creator programs either, just code.

Anyway this game sucks, but keep in mind it was my first try and the only real complete 2D game I made. Over the years I have made quite a few incomplete games that I may or may not post. I see no reason to, since they can barely be considered demos.

Windows version (also the only version) :

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