Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Biomedical Engineering

I was recently hired to make games that work with robots that are designed to help rehabilitate certain patients. This is the first game I made. A blood vessel collection game.

I am providing an early version of the game. I can not release further versions since they all make use of robot controls instead of the mouse.

Keep in mind this game was designed not for fun, but for rehabilitation and not for the mouse. The robot, called the Haptic Master, can move in the X,Y, and Z. It also provides a very powerful force feedback, kind of scary. Also scary how it connects to the computer through a network. Meaning any computer can take control of the robot remotely. It would be a pretty nifty game controller if it didn't cost $30,000 for one robot arm.

Anyway since this version the graphics have also been updated to look nicer.

Note that not all features work properly since you do not have the proper equipment.

EDIT: 4-6-2009
The game has been finished and the download removed from here, if you are interested in seeing it in action send me a message.

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